asmedia 1061 port multiplication fis controller hack

    I bought this esata device: Mediasonic 4 Bay Dock

    I was dissapointed to find my machine completely puked when i hooked it up. After hours of research I discovered a bunch of posts saying it was not possible so I gave up. In the search of a card that would provide this function I found this card which seemed cheap and ready to work.

    Mediasonic ProBox HP1-SS3 2 Port External SATA 3 / III 6.0 Gbps PCI Express Card - Port Multiplier / FIS-Based switch

    Reading the reviews I saw a trend of people pissed off about going off to have to download the driver. The driver in the page here was called asmedia106x… so i figured if it worked for their card, I might as well try it since I had a asmedia 1061 controller in my motherboard. After a reboot or two it was working like a charm!

    Moral of the story: esata connectivity sucks for older controllers, but it apparently is all in the driver.

    %{description: "gettin port multiplication working on H77 Pro4-M estat port", title: "asmedia 1061 port multiplication fis controller hack"}

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