updated reflux react and phoenix

    I found this post very helpful in getting phoenix 1.2 working with react:

    I was unable to get bower working, and followed the above blogs instruction wiht some success. Hope i get time to do an update.

    I added the following to get reflux working. I have to include everythign everywhere, not sure why.

    npm install --save reflux bootstrap

    %{description: "update on getting react working", title: "updated reflux react and phoenix"}

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About this blog: This blog will discuss technology associated with my project. I am using Elixir and Phoenix for my backend, and React.js and Reflux for my front end. I have a library called Trabant to experiment with graph database persistence for Elixir. The views expressed on this blog are my own, and are not that of my current employer.

About Me: I am a hobbyist programmer interested in distributed computing. I dabble in Elixir, Ruby, and Javascript. I can't spell very well, and I enjoy golf.